I hate Trump’s BS

When someone on the radical right says that liberals hate Trump for being Trump and not for his policies, here is my answer:

Trump lied about Mexico paying for the wall then took money from military projects that were going to benefit the families of our troops – I hate that BS

Trump helped the radical right push through a tax cut that blew a hole in our budget and our national debt while benefitting the wealthy and powerful FAR more than it benefitted the “forgotten people” – I hate that BS.

Trump pulled out of the Paris Accords on climate change, which means we will see an increase in global warming for longer than we should – I hate that BS.

Trump pulled out of a perfectly good nuclear arms agreement with Iran, even though EVERY other country involved said Iran was in compliance. He’s increased the risk of Iran developing nuclear weapons because he backed out. – I hate that BS

Trump completely screwed the pooch on his response to the coronavirus – I hate that BS

Trump is fanning the flames rather than acting as a peacemaker with the BLM movement – I hate BS.

Trump has told thousands of blatant, documented lies in his 3.5 years in office – I hate BS

Trump has retweeted racist, misogynistic and antisemitic tweets – I hate BS

Trump has called Neo-Nazis and white supremacists “good people” – I hate that BS

Trump grabs women by the pussy – I hate BS

Trump keeps promising a better health care plan but doesn’t deliver – I hate that BS

Trump keeps promising an infrastructure plan but doesn’t deliver – I hate that BS

Trump’s attorneys are in court RIGHT NOW, trying to get the preexisting clause of the ACA declared unconstitutional, while saying he will protect preexisting conditions coverage – I hate that BS

Trump has cut the payroll tax that funds social security and says he will permanently eliminate it if reelected. That will DESTROY Social Security – I hate that BS

Trump has cut environmental regulations across the board and appointed people to head the EPA who oppose the existence of the EPA – I hate that BS

Trump has appointed a shill for private schools to head the Dept of Education. She has no idea what public schools need, since she’s never BEEN in one. – I hate that BS

Trump appointed two different shills for the petroleum industry to head the Interior Dept – I hate that BS

Trump claims he’s draining the swamp, but he’s had more of his staff indicted or convicted of crimes than any other administration – I hate that BS.

Trump appoints his spawn as advisers – just like a third world dictator would do – I hate that BS

Trump flies his spawn all around the world at taxpayer expense, pretending they are doing work for the government when if fact they are just meeting with foreign agents to grow their businesses – I hate that BS

Trump claims credit for things he was not responsible – the economy that was growing when he took office, the stock market that was heading towards record levels when he took office and signing the Veteran’s Choice bill which was a John McCain bill signed by Obama. I hate that BS.

Trump calls our military and the soldiers who have died “losers” and “suckers” – I hate that BS

Putin put bounties on US soldiers – Trump refused to say or do anything about it – I hate that BS.

Our intelligence agencies say Russia is attempting to interfere in our elections – Trump says they are wrong – I hate that BS.

Trump calls the free press “FAKE NEWZZZZ!!!!” like any other third world dictator would do – I hate that BS.

Trump is on tape saying he was downplaying the virus and now, in his town hall, he’s saying he “up-played” it. – I hate that kind of BS

Trump is on video saying the virus is going to magically disappear – viruses don’t magically disappear – I hate that BS

Trump is on video saying the virus will go away in the warmer weather. No scientist ever said such a thing. – I hate that BS

Trump has claimed the hydoxychoroquine, the flu vaccine, bleach, ultraviolet light and Oleandrin are miracle cures for Covid, with no scientific evidence to back him up. I hate that BS

Trump claimed that Convalescent plasma therapy is a brand new treatment, when in facts it’s been used as far back as the Spanish flu pandemic and earlier. And once again, it’s not a miracle cure. – I hate that BS

Trump keeps saying that Covid is no big deal while at the same time scrambling to find SOMETHING that will treat it. If it’s not a big deal, why the big effort to find a cure? – I hate that BS

Hey, Trumpers


What we’ve got here is, failure to communicate…

I know you think I’m preoccupied with this President; that he is the reason I’m so angry and bitter and frustrated these days—but you’re wrong.

This isn’t about Donald Trump.

It’s never been about him.

It wasn’t about him during the campaign or on Election Day.
�It wasn’t about him when recordings of him boasting about sexual assaults surfaced.
�It wasn’t about him when he said protestors at campaign rallies should be roughed up.
�It wasn’t about him when he left refugee families stranded at the airport.
�It wasn’t about him when he attacked the Press.
�It wasn’t about him when he sabotaged the Affordable Care Act.
�It wasn’t about him when he blamed racial violence on “both sides.”

And it isn’t about him today: it’s about us.

This is about me and it’s about you.

It’s about my grief at the ugliness you feel emboldened to post on social media now, the nastiness you seem newly capable of, the disgusting words you now so easily toss out around the dinner table.

It’s about my disbelief at your sudden tolerance for his infidelity, his cruelty, his intellectual ignorance, his immorality, his disrespect for the rule of law, his alliances with dictators—things you once claimed you could never abide in a leader.

It’s about my incredulity at your surprising resentment for marginalized people; for your inability to muster any compassion for those who are hurting or frightened or threatened.

It’s about my disappointment at your easily manipulated nationalistic fervor; how the God and Guns, America First, Love it or Leave it rhetoric, so easily took root in your heart—how hostile to outsiders and foreigners you’ve become.

It’s about my amazement at your capacity to make your faith so pliable, that you could amen a compulsive liar, a serial adulterer, a fear-mongering bully; a man in nearly every way antithetical to the Jesus you’ve always said was so dear to you.

It’s about my sickness seeing you excuse away his coddling of racists, his public attacks on the FBI, his impulsive firings of Cabinet members, his Tweet rants against individual citizens and American companies.

It’s about my grief seeing you respond to his near-hourly display of recklessness and overreach, with a shrug of your shoulders or a turning away from it all.

It’s about me watching you ignore in him and even celebrate in him, the very things you claimed made Hillary Clinton the ‘greater of two evils’ when you voted: blatant corruption, financial impropriety, pathological lies, lack of morality.

It’s about my sadness at seeing you make a million tiny concessions—and how easy it now is for you to consent to actions, that only three years ago you’d have told me fully disgusted you.

Most of all, it’s about me realizing that when all this is over—we are still going to have to deal with all of this. Our fractures are going to outlive this Presidency.

You see, I really don’t give a damn about Donald Trump.
He doesn’t matter to me. He never has.

He’s a three-time married, C-level reality TV celebrity, with a long and well-documented resume of sexual misconduct, financial disasters, and moral filth. 

He’s a professional predator who’s spent his life exploiting people for personal gain. That’s who he was before and who he will be when he leaves office.

Donald Trump, the President will be gone one day, and his disastrous Presidency will be well preserved. 

History will have documented his every lie, every misdeed, every abuse of power, every treasonous betrayal—and he will be fully revealed as the monster that many of us are fully aware that he is.

That’s not why I am so disgusted and so filled with sadness these days.

I don’t care about Donald Trump because I don’t know or live alongside or love or respect Donald Trump.

I know and live alongside and love and respect you—or at least I once did, and I’m going to have to try and do that again.

Our relationship and our family and our church and our neighborhood and our nation are going to be trying to clean up the messes long after this President is gone.

When this is all over, the divides and the fractures and the wounds between us are going to remain.

This is why I’m angry and bitter and frustrated; not because of Donald Trump—but because of me—and because of you. But mostly because of you.