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Another Week in the Post-Truth Administration — The Weekly Sift

Trump was angry that his intelligence chiefs had contradicted him on TV, until he convinced himself that it just hadn’t happened. This week a bizarre drama played out. On Tuesday, the chiefs of the major intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, and NGA, along with their overseer, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats) appeared before […]

via Another Week in the Post-Truth Administration — The Weekly Sift

Trump lies.  Trump ALWAYS lies.

And while I’m at it….

Another take on the Superb Owl and foozball in general.


It’s War propaganda, Fascism wrapped in a flag, carrying a cross: don’t just change the channel, don’t go there. Don’t breakfast at a bar or lunch at a restaurant featuring “the game”; don’t tailgate in the driveway. Don’t participate in promotionals and sales of peripheral products, don’t wear gangland team jerseys and jackets. Don’t read about it, don’t write about it, don’t talk about it.


Boycott Foozball

Superb Owl

Go on YouTube and find clips from any Super Bowl from, say, the seventies and eighties, and compare them to the hypertrophied cartoon spectacle you’ll see today. They’re low-key and down-to-earth. They’re actually about the game, not the effing Tostidos commercial at half time or the tedious personal mini-dramas involving this or that player. The announcers, for the most part, didn’t come across like the three loudest, most obnoxious salesmen on the lot, jostling and elbowing past each other to get in the last word. The screen wasn’t cluttered with graphics. It was just a football game, a big one, but just a game. Go figure.

I haven’t watched the game in many years.  And I’m boycotting the NFL ompletely due to its racism and support of Comrade Trumpski.  This blog post seems to get it about right on the presentation of the game itself
No More Superb Owls, please